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Today, I am sharing a cocktail that is perfect for brunch, but is also tasty any time of day. I combined Prosecco with a quick blueberry simple syrup with Powell and Mahoney Peach Bellini mixer to make Blueberry Peach Bellinis.

In researching the history of the Bellini, I learned that the original cocktail was named for 15th century artist Giovani Bellini. When first created by Giuseppe Cipriani in the late 1930’s at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, the recipe called for two parts Prosecco and one part fresh peach pureé, stirred and served in a chilled flute. This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a Bellini. But I thought I would explore adding another flavor to the mix. What a great idea!

This flavor combo is not only delicious, but these Blueberry Peach Bellinis make a really pretty drink. The blueberry syrup helps the drink take on a deep coral hue and who doesn’t like the taste of peach mixed with blueberry? The bubbly Prosecco is like the icing on the cake. Combined with the fruity flavors, the sparkling wine makes a party for your taste buds. In my previous post, I made three different flavored simple syrups. One of them was blueberry. You can buy blueberry syrup or make a blueberry puree, but since I already had some syrup on hand, I decided to use it.

I also loved being able to use a pre-made peach bellini mixer! Powell and Mahoney mixers are crafted in small batches with natural ingredients. The beauty of using their mixers is that they are ready when you are. Just pop them in the fridge to chill a couple of hours before serving. The Peach Bellini mixer is so tasty! I can see using it to make other fun cocktails as well.

I like to serve Bellinis with savory bites, like cheeses, prosciutto, salami and nuts. They are also excellent with egg dishes, grilled veggies and seafood. For a fun party you can create a Bellini bar and let guests choose from several fresh fruit purees. They can add a puree (or a combo of purees) to their glass and top with Prosecco.

No matter how you serve Blueberry and Peach Bellinis, your friends will love them! Cheers!

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