Springtime and cool, sunny mornings. Why not enjoy it with spicy bloody mary cocktail; who knows, if it’s still pretty chilly in your neck of the woods, it may just warm you up.

One of my newest addition to my bar tool collection, this lovely hammered copper jigger. Picked it up on a recent ladies trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, for a weekend of family fun…and shopping…and drinks. Every margarita a memory, we say.

For a lovely day like today, sometimes all you need is a simple, spicy mix from one of your favorite cocktail mixers. This time around, it’s this SRIRACHA BLOODY MARY mix. A delicious and easy go-to when I’m feeling like doing minimal work…

Mmmm…jalapeno stuffed olives, smokra (smoked paprika’d okra), and pepperoncini for the win. I also thru in little mozzarella balls and some crispy bacon for an added bonus, because life is always better with cheese and bacon, no doubt.

I picked up some (almost) local hot sauce from my grocer; this pineapple + habanero sauce is amazing! I added a few dashes to each glass for an extra kick and flavor, because sometime I just need that much more heat. What can I say, I live in the southwest.

All you need is your vodka, quality mixer, and garnishments to your liking and you have an instant hit with you friends and family. With Mother’s Day around the corner, treat your mom to a little something, because she deserves it.

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