As much as we love getting super creative with our cocktails, sometimes, life calls for a nice simple libation like a classic Whiskey Sour. We decided to pay homage to the Golden Age of cocktails by adding an egg white to this citrus and bourbon sipper. Sours such as this were traditionally made with egg whites to add texture to weak drinks and possibly even to add a little protein during a time when nutritious foods weren’t readily available.

If you’ve never experimented with eggs in your cocktails don’t worry, this Whiskey Sour won’t taste like eggnog. The egg is there is provide body and richness, not add an egg flavor to your drink. It will however boost all of the delicious flavors that are already present. Not to mention that foamy top just looks cool! If you are squeamish about putting a raw egg into your cocktail, by all means, leave it out. The resulting drink will still be divine.

The Whiskey Sour is made with simple ingredients: bourbon, simple syrup, citrus and an egg white. It’s believed that this drink evolved from something sailors would mix up from rations found on board their ships like spirits, water, citrus and sometime sweetener.

Squeezing a lemon or two is not difficult – and you’ll be amazed with the brightness and flavor. Grab a smooth bourbon, an egg, and P&M Simple Syrup. When choosing your eggs, realize that you’re using a raw egg, so be smart. It is always preferred to buy organic, and pasteurized, and make sure eggs stay refrigerated and have no cracks in them.

To create this Whiskey Sour, start by combining the whiskey, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, P&M Simple Syrup and an egg white in a shaker. Don’t add ice just yet. Shake it up for at least 10 seconds. This technique is called a “dry” shake. It helps to aerate the egg whites and will aid in yielding a nice foamy top. Next, add ice to a shaker and give it another shake for 10 seconds more. Strain into chilled rocks glasses, or over fresh ice.

No lemons? You can also make a damn good whiskey sour with our Lemon Sour mix – simply swap out for the lemon juice and simple syrup!

Give this classic drink a try and show us how you #CraftYourCocktail on Instagram. Cheers!


*Consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, shellfish and meat may increase the risk of foodborne illness.