During the holidays, you are bound to be asked to bring food or a beverage to a party. It’s times like these that it’s great to have a good go-to punch recipe. Afterall, who doesn’t love a boozy punch to get the party started and keep it going right up until the last guest is gone? This Blood Orange Mint Bourbon Punch is a recipe that you are going to want to keep close by and come back to again and again.

I am a fan of big-batch cocktails that can be scaled to fit your crowd. Making a punch is a hands-off way of serving your guests, plus it makes for a pretty presentation that is sure to impress. Guests can help themselves to a glass (or two), and you can relax and mingle as well. Starting your punch off with tasty, natural pre-made mixers from Powell & Mahoney will help to make whipping up this punch even easier!

My recipe starts with combining P&M’s Blood Orange and Mojito mixers. I use the ratio of two parts Blood Orange mixer to 1 part Mojito mixer. Then, I add some simple syrup, some bourbon, and Angostura Bitters. I mix it all in a punch bowl or a nice pitcher if your crowd is smaller and then top it off with seltzer water. Make the base mixture ahead of time and chill it in the refrigerator.  Then, add the seltzer when it’s time for serving.

The good thing about this punch is that you can adjust it to your liking. If you like a sweeter punch, add more simple syrup. Like a more sour based cocktail, then add less syrup or even omit it altogether. If you want more booze or less booze, you can adjust that too. You could even change things up and do vodka or gin instead of the bourbon. This recipe serves 8-10, depending on the glass size, but it is easy to scale up or down depending on the number of people you are expecting.

To keep the punch cool during the party and impress your guests, float a pretty ice ring in the bowl. I made one by layering orange slices, lime slices, mint leaves and cherries in a bundt pan. I covered the fruit with a little bit of water and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Next, I added more water to the pan and let it freeze for about 24 hours. When it’s party time, run a little warm water over the base of the pan and the ice ring will pop right out. It makes a really fantastic garnish for your punch.

There’s no better way to wow guests than with this big, beautiful bowl of Blood Orange Mint Bourbon Punch. Give it a try this holiday season and I bet your friends and family will be so happy you did.



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