It was obvious when we first saw the Pumpkin Tap Kit on, that this was something we were going to have to test out. Pouring cocktails out of a pumpkin? That in itself is reason enough to invite a few friends over to celebrate the New England foliage and autumn season.

So we ordered the kit, found our perfect pumpkin, and got to work. Here’s how we did it!

What you’ll need (for tapping the pumpkin):

1 large sized pumpkin

1 sharp knife

1 spoon

1 Pumpkin Tap Kit

You’ll find the necessary ingredients for a crowd-sized Pumpkin Smash recipe at the bottom of this post!

Step One:

Carefully cut a lid from the top of the pumpkin. It is easiest if you trace your lid first, and then follow the pen or shallow cut marks. Clean the bottom of the lid, and scoop out all of the inner pumpkin.


Step Two:

Cut a hole in the side of the pumpkin, that is slightly smaller than the shank of the Tap Kit. Keep in mind that the lower you cut the hole, the faucet will begin to slant inward, and the higher you cut the hole, the higher the pumpkin will have to be filled to dispense cocktails (without tipping it).

Insert the shank (part of the Tap Kit), and attach the faucet.

Step Three:

Craft up a crowd sized Pumpkin Smash (recipe below), or another favorite Autumn cocktail. Pour into the pumpkin, and let the festivities begin! Our golden retriever Jax was ready to invite all his friends!

Make sure to share your tapped pumpkin, and cocktails with us on social media, using #CraftYourCocktail. Cheers, and enjoy!