Margarita Every Day

Do you love the smooth balance of lemons and limes, tropical fruits, spicy jalapeños, and the relaxation you get when you take a sip of a good margarita? Yes, so do we!

At Powell & Mahoney we make these emotions our everyday mantra. It’s simple: live vibrantly, have fun, and enjoy the moment – we call it Margarita Every Day!

Because we believe every day calls for a fiesta, we have curated our favorite recipes, fun party crafts, and festive foods all surrounding the iconic margarita. Try our ideas below, or share your rendition via social – now go #craftyourcocktail

Craft delicious margaritas at home

Get ideas below…

Passion Mule-garita

Thai Basil + Pineapple Margarita

Jalapeño + Grapefruit Margarita

White Margarita Sangria



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