SALEM, MA. (July, 2019) – Powell & Mahoney Craft Cocktail Mixers, an industry leading craft cocktail mixer manufacturer in the U.S., is proud to announce an extensive update to the design of their brand packaging across their complete line. The new packaging design aims to generate greater consumer attraction and showcase the high-quality standards of their products. Powell & Mahoney has undergone the process of reimagining their products’ visuals to communicate the exceptional attributes of these products and tout their newly certified Project Non-GMO Verified Icon.

“We made modifications inside and out! We improved several margarita mixers with the addition of agave and greatly lowered the calories in our Skinny Margarita. We’re thrilled to learn our newly reformulated Skinny and Classic Margaritas both received awards during the most recent SIP Awards tastings” explained KC Commoss, VP Business Development.

The redesign doesn’t stop there – Powell & Mahoney is renaming a few of their best-sellers! Fan-favorite Blood Orange will be renamed Blood Orange Mimosa and Mango Passion Fruit Margarita will become Mango Margarita. While the formulas for these two flavors remain the same, these new names look to simplify the discovery process for our consumers and are creative twists on classics.

“We are excited to introduce Powell & Mahoney’s new look nationwide. With our classic logo and new vivid fruit illustrations, the newly designed packaging epitomizes the fun yet timeless nature of our products. Our goal in this label refresh is to better utilize our packaging to create an inviting and exciting impression to encourage consumers to use our products at parties, special occasions, or even small gatherings with friends.,” said Meredith Orfanos, Director of Marketing, adding, “We can’t wait for the packaging to hit the shelves and know they will be greatly appreciated and well-received by our fans.”