SALEM, MA. (May 25, 2017) – Powell & Mahoney is adding a major retailer to its nationwide distribution! The innovative brand of craft cocktail mixers is now available at Walmart stores throughout the country. Select favorites from its award-winning line, including Original Margarita and Sriracha Bloody Mary, will be hitting the shelves by Memorial Day, just in time for the prime cocktail-drinking summer months. The refreshing Sparkling Mojito will also be carried at select locations. “Walmart’s commitment to offering great brands at value perfectly aligns with our mission to offer quality and innovation at a value price,” said Powell & Mahoney Co-Founder and CEO Mark Mahoney. “This new opportunity allows our brand to continue to meet the nationwide demand for quality cocktail mixers.”

And this demand shows no sign of slowing down soon. Consumers’ combined interest in simple yet complex tasting mixology and natural ingredients continues to trend. Powell & Mahoney prides itself on its trademark innovation and efforts to provide consumers with a cocktail experience that can deliver easy to make staple cocktails like the margarita, while at the same time providing them with the opportunity to get creative. The brand’s new line of sparkling cocktail mixers aims to provide just this, with exciting new additions like the Walmart-carried Sparkling Mojito and the Blood Orange Ginger Beer, which recently won the 2017 FABI Award for innovation.

The launch of this new line is yet another step forward in Powell & Mahoney’s quest for continued innovation in the cocktail mixer category. Through partnerships with top-notch, national retailers like Walmart, the brand will continue in its efforts to quench the nationwide thirst for quality, innovative cocktails.