Powell & Mahoney Vintage Original Cocktail Mixers — in collaboration with Leahy-IFP Co. — introduces a new line of foodservice packaging, making it affordable, quick and easy for bartenders to create consistently enjoyable cocktails anytime, anywhere. The easy-to-store cartons with a long shelf life are currently available in classic flavors such as Margarita, Peach Bellini and Bloody Mary.

“We are excited to bring our award-winning mixers to the foodservice arena,” says Powell & Mahoney co-founder Brian Powell. “Our mixers will save time without sacrificing taste, so bartenders can make more drinks and bars can increase sales.”

Powell & Mahoney has made its mark on the at-home entertaining world with its skillfully handcrafted mixers that use only the highest quality all-natural ingredients to capture the clean, authentic flavors of American cocktail classics. Their venture into foodservice packaging delivers the same great flavor profile that the consumer is used to, containing no high fructose corn syrup and remaining gluten-free. The more on-premises friendly format requires minimal preparation and delivers consistent quality no matter who is bartending.

Made of SIG Combibloc aseptic carton instead of heavy glass, the new packaging is a revolution for the cocktail mixer category. Cartons are not only a superior alternative to glass in terms of safety measures and weight — they are also preservative free, eco-friendly and BPA free. The carton form ensures food quality with no refrigeration required and tamper-proof packaging and openings. Additionally, cartons are made for maximum efficiency, designed to keep foodservice operations running smoothly with shelf-stability, easy pourability, secure and tight reclosability for safe product storage, minimal waste and effortless trash removal.

Powell & Mahoney turns forward thinking in selecting this superior packaging solution — aseptic cartons are one of the most sustainable food and beverage packages, boasting 100% recyclability. The typical shelf-stable aseptic carton contains 74% paper, 22% polyethylene and 4% aluminum, mostly consisting of a renewable resource. Each lightweight and compact carton has a low carbon footprint, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 60% and saving up to 60% of fossil resource consumption.

“At the end of the day it really comes down to what’s inside the box,” says Gifford Brown, Senior Director of Sales-Contract Packaging at Leahy-IFP. “We are excited to bring our gentle processing technology with a premium product that delivers exactly what operators are looking for; quality and consistency at an affordable price. All of the benefits of the package are merely a bonus.”

For more information on how to purchase Powell & Mahoney aseptic cartons, please contact KC Commoss at kc@thirsty1.com or 617-877-1275.

About Powell & Mahoney, Ltd.

Powell & Mahoney, Ltd. was launched in 2010, by two-beverage industry veterans who were inspired by the lack of quality mixers made available to consumers. Noticing a true need in the market, Brian Powell and Mark Mahoney combined their expertise and passion and launched the successful mixer brand. Powell & Mahoney, Ltd. has reinvented America’s best-loved classic cocktail recipes by swapping out artificial flavoring and preservatives for only the finest hand-selected juices, essential oils and pure cane sugar. Made in Williston, Vermont, all Powell & Mahoney mixers are handcrafted in small batches using small kettles. To learn more, visit www.powellandmahoney.com.

About Leahy-IFP Co.

Leahy was built on Carbotrol® fruit, the first line of carbohydrate controlled fruits packed in fruit juice and marketed to the foodservice industry. In 1997 the IFP Company was acquired by the Leahy organization. IFP pioneered the aseptic container for juice concentrates to the foodservice market. The winning combination of Leahy and IFP resulted in an extensive line of canned fruits, desserts, juices and nutritional supplements designed to fulfill the needs of a variety of foodservice operators. Today Leahy/IFP’s products are available in all 50 states, Canada and the Caribbean through nearly 500 foodservice distributors. To learn more, visit https://leahy-ifp.com.