With the start of 2017 just a few days away, there is little doubt that our news feeds are about to be flooded with “new year, new me” graphics, newbie gym-goer selfies, and resolutions having to do with eating less of this, doing more of that, and ultimately 46% percent of us will give up by February, and a mere 8% will be successful for the course of the entire year. (Not making these things up: New Years Resolution Statistics).


Maybe we aren’t doing this whole resolution thing right. Maybe instead of trying to eliminate, scale back, and replace things in our life, why not decide to invest more time and effort into things we enjoy? Like say… cocktails!


The difference between a good cocktail, and a great cocktail, can be night and day. It also doesn’t have to be more time consuming, or expensive. In 2017, let’s commit to making better cocktails, expanding our horizons, and sharing them with friends! Here are five ideas to get you thinking about your own cocktail resolutions:


1. Quality of Ingredients

Like most of these resolutions, you can customize to fit your current abilities & cocktail making habits. It could be that you’re no longer going to buy spirits off the bottom shelf at the liquor store. Maybe you’re going stop using a soda with high fructose corn syrup in your coke + rum’s, and switch to a craft soda with cane sugar. Perhaps you want to start using a margarita mix without artificial colors in it (we happen to know who makes a great one :p). Maybe you want to start using freshly squeezed lime juice. Whatever the case, strive for better ingredients, and better spirits, and you’ll most certainly get a better tasting cocktail!


2. Switch It Up

We all have our “go-to” drinks. Staples that we make once a week, twice a week, maybe every night? But there is a whole world of cocktail deliciousness out there, and think… at one time or another you had to switch it up in order to find that go-to drink you’ve now had hundreds of times. Maybe there’s another go-to out there waiting for you. ?

Some suggestions: 1 new cocktail per (week, two weeks, month), maybe you’re generally a rum or vodka drinker – experiment with some tequila or gin recipes.. Introduce yourself to vermouth, bitters, or mezcal. Just look beyond your go-to, and decide how often you want to do some experimenting.


3. Up Your Gear & Garnish Game

The right glassware, garnish, tools, and ice can make all the difference. These of course add expenses, but depending on your budget you can make some key improvements and not totally break your bank.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started-

Gear: a proper barspoon (stop stirring your drinks with a salad fork!), cocktail shaker, ice molds, ice crusher, jigger, julep strainer.

Glassware: martini, highball, copper mugs, old-fashioned, margarita, champagne flutes.

Garnishes: limes, lemons, olives, cherries, mint, cinnamon sticks, berries, infused salts, oranges, celery.


4. Expand Your Horizons

Similar to the “Switch It Up” resolution, but here we are referencing away from home. Try out that new bar that just opened, or next time you’re at the usual spot, take a deeper dive into the menu. Don’t necessarily go for the “eeny meeny miny moe” approach, but find something on there that you wouldn’t normally order.

This could also work in conjunction with your “Switch it Up” resolution. Maybe you don’t want to go out and buy mezcal when you know nothing about it. Here’s an opportunity to try a drink or two before committing to exploration at your home bar.


5. Share With Friends!

Have a friend that “only drinks wine (or beer)”, simply because they’ve never truly had a great cocktail? Do some recruiting! Show them what they’re missing, and introduce them to some resolutions of their own. There’s nothing better than someone else who share’s your affinity for a quality cocktail!


By now you’ve got to be thirsty, and thinking this is the easiest New Year’s resolution list you’ve ever seen. Then why not go for it?! If you enjoy cocktails, want to step up your cocktail-making abilities, and don’t want to be another resolution statistic, this is a no brainer!


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