Valentine’s Day is only one week away, so Kim from joins us with a Paloma recipe that (we think) has enough passion to be the perfect cocktail for you and your special someone!


“I really enjoy creating new versions of my favorite cocktail, the Paloma. The classic version of this drink is made with silver tequila, grapefruit soda and lime juice. Best described as clean and refreshing, the Paloma is one of the most popular cocktails in Mexico. If you haven’t ever tried it, you should!

Today, I am sharing a version of that drink that is perfect for a date night in. With Valentine’s Day, right around the corner, you might want to keep this recipe for Mango Passion Fruit Palomas close by. This drink is sweet-tart and tropical with a fizzy burst. It’s perfect with fiery Tex-Mex foods such as chili or tacos.

I don’t know about you, but I always lean towards Mexican food when I am planning a special, casual dinner at home with my guy. For this Valentine’s Day, I am planning to make Chicken Fajita Nachos and serve Churros with Chocolate Sauce for dessert. So this Paloma will round a menu that’s got a little spice, a little sweet and a ton flavor.

I make these Mango Passion Fruit Palomas by grabbing a tall glass and rimming it with salt. Feel free to leave this out if salt is not your thing. Next, I fill the glass with ice and stir together P&M’s Mango Passion Fruit Margarita mixer with lime juice and silver tequila. Then, I top them with club soda. I even bought some fresh mango for the garnish. Fresh mango is probably one of the best fruits ever and it makes a pretty garnish, too.

I bet you thought that a margarita mixer is just for making well, margaritas. One of the great things about Powell & Mahoney mixers is that you can use them to craft your own cocktails. You can experiment with flavors like Mango Passion Fruit in making all sorts of drinks. But first, try making these Palomas. I bet your someone special will love you for it. ❤️



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