It amazes us every year. How quickly your favorite foods and drinks seem to “go pumpkin” overnight. Like… where was the transition period?

From backyard barbecues, ice-cold margaritas, and flip-flops , to flannel and boots, pumpkin flavored (insert your favorite food here), and of course.. PSL’s (and knowing that 81.3% of all people reading this will know what that stands for backs up our point  – regardless of the fact that we just made up that statistic).

Anyways. Here is where we make the switch from “can’t believe how much pumpkin flavored everything people are eating” to “hey we have something pumpkin flavored for you”. Reasoning: you deserve to get your pumpkin fix in… you really do. Pumpkin-sanity only comes around once a year, and then it’s back to 10 months of forgetting that it even exists.

The thing is, those other pumpkin options don’t offer whiskey, and how much fun can you really have without whiskey? See what we’re getting at here? Perfect.

The Pumpkin Smash combines a bourbon or rye (we used JP Wiser’s), our Lemon Sour mix, and you guessed it… pumpkin. With a dusting of cinnamon on top, and a mint sprig as garnish, this is the perfect cocktail to “take the edge off” your pumpkin cravings, at least until morning.