Our Story

Why we are different
Why we are different:

We like to think we’re a pioneer in the cocktail game.

At Powell & Mahoney, we are committed to bringing you the quality, consistency and versatility of the world’s finest cocktail mixers. Always perfectly balanced, always delicious and always at home behind any bar or cocktail party.

We’ve reinvented America’s best-loved classic cocktail recipes by swapping out artificial flavors for only the finest, hand-selected juices and pure cane sugar. We want you to feel good about serving our craft cocktail mixers – a staple in every cocktail lover’s kitchen!

All Powell & Mahoney cocktail mixers are:

no preservatives

Carefully crafted using premium ingredients and sweetened with pure cane sugar and agave.

natural ingredients

Naturally gluten free.


Ideal for creating simple cocktails and perfect for the skilled mixologist.

As a brand, we:

naturally gluten free

TAKE PRIDE IN OUR INGREDIENTS. Your favorite spirit deserves a high-quality mixer.

handcrafted cocktail mixers

Are committed to innovation and ensuring the highest quality handcrafted product.

craft cocktail mixers

Have received over 20 awards for our taste and quality.

on-trend recipes

Work with WORLD RENOWNED MIXOLOGISTS WHO KNOW COCKTAILS to develop classic and inventive recipes.



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